How to Choose the Right Bidet for Your Home

It is vital to use the bathroom several times every day, and many households utilize a traditional toilet to help all members carry out their tasks. At least, that is how it is in the USA. A bidet is a device that sprays water on a person’s netherregions after they have used the bathroom in other countries of the world.

Though not extensively utilized in the United States, due to the various benefits of a bidet, more houses are making the switch. You may be considering purchasing one because it is both sanitary and valuable. However, as with any new gadget or equipment, different criteria must be considered in order to choose the ideal one.

When completing your analysis and checking numerous shops in person and online to discover the best bidet for your restroom, you can refer to the following list as a guide and a checklist for understanding your personal desires.


Bidets aren’t identical to each other, and they do not all utilize the same type of power. For starters, you may pick between units that are already connected to toilets or ones that operate independently. A toilet bidet is self-contained. However, a standalone bidet needs you to turn the knobs and straddle the device.

You can additionally choose between electric and manual bidets. Electrical bidets are occasionally more expensive, but they offer more options, whereas non-electric bidets only carry out the most basic duties. So, while picking between them, think about what you’re looking for from a bidet, which brings us to the following point.


Different types of bidets have additional functionalities to give you the best encounter imaginable. Many consist of air nozzles to help you dry yourself after getting splashed in the water. This might suggest that they also feature a mechanism for changing the orientation of the sprayer attachment.

Swan Toilets’ Swan S Pro features all of these features and more. The technology is entirely hands-free, letting you use the bathroom without getting covered in bacteria. All you need is the device’s remote or a smartphone app. This type has a seat warmer and a self-cleaning system. The sensors in this toilet will allow it to open and shut without your assistance!

These options may still be available if you buy a non-electric bidet, but you have to get them separately and then install them yourself. This can be more expensive and time-consuming at times, but it saves some people from acquiring products they do not need.


Because many bidets have complicated functions, they are bound to be costly. Although any toilet will surely be expensive, you want to be sure that it isn’t going to bankrupt you. Freestanding bidets start at $200, but all-in-one toilet bidets can cost up to $1,000. In this case, installation fees must be considered.

Do you have restricted funds but still want to buy an exceptional product? That is what distinguishes the Swan S Pro. Swan Toilets understands that clients have financial restrictions and cannot often pay the whole amount upfront. You may purchase their one-of-a-kind machinery for as low as $70 each month. If you buy a large number of their toilets at once, you may be able to save money on each of them.

Given its 37 various connections, it’s no wonder that the Swan S Pro is a top bidet rival. The Swan Toilets website also includes free operating and installation instructions, letting you familiarize yourself with the product before purchase.

Bidets have traditionally been the standard in other countries, but they are now finding their way to America. Start looking for one to place in your home right now if you want to be an active participant in this revolution. If you wish to flare and creativity in one, don’t overlook the Swan S Pro.