How to choose a moving company

The need for logistics services for the transport of goods and products is now quite high. The market offers a wide selection of transport companies that differ in many characteristics and criteria: by the types of vehicles used by the company, by the geography of work, by the scale of transportation, by the time of existence on the market of services, by channels and types of transportation, by a set of additional services and cargo escort.

Choosing a transport company that can be entrusted with the delivery of cargo may one day be necessary for both an individual and a legal entity. At the same time, the essence of the choice between the cost of services and reliability will be the same for both. To make the right choice, you need to know what transport companies are, what are their distinctive features.

What to start with?

Before choosing movers, you should determine what tasks it will solve. Depending on the set of tasks, it will become clear whether you should contact a wide-profile transport company or look for a more specialized solution: for example, a contractor for moving small volumes of goods with strict adherence to temperature conditions or companies working long distance to transport 20 tons.

The first thing you need to do is define:

  • The characteristics of your items;
  • Volumes, dimensions and weight of belongings;
  • Delivery geography;
  • Delivery time;
  • The need to hand over to the recipient;
  • Payment of the cost of transportation;
  • Additional services (transshipment, storage, etc.)

What transport companies for cargo transportation are?

The service profile of moving companies varies greatly, despite the fact that they all transport belongings. Here is a huge difference in sending a letter and 20 tons by truck to a neighboring street or a neighboring country. Of the total number, several types of cargo transportation can be distinguished:

  • Local (a transport dispatch from a warehouse within the city to one or several points of unloading).
  • Intercity (products are delivered along the route from the one city to another).
  • International (goods undergo the export/import procedure between countries when partners are foreign firms).

Also, cargo transportation companies can be divided into:

  • Express delivery (courier services, sending letters and small parcels urgently).
  • Sending by a separate car or another transport.
  • Groupage cargo transportation (shipment is carried out by the method of pre-storage and subsequent transshipment).
  • Multimodal (transportation by several modes of transport with loading and unloading operations, which are carried out by the service operator himself) and 3PL transportation (this is the transportation that includes accounting and sending products to customers by the operator himself).

Criteria for choosing a transport company

Depending on your needs, you will have to prioritize the importance of certain criteria to choose a mover. The combination of criteria will determine the specifics of each shipment that you order.

  • The possibility of this transportation. Before choosing, you need to find out whether this company will be able to do the work that you need. Often firms do not provide all the necessary services and the geography of work turns out to be insufficient, so there is no point in considering such firms.
  • The time of delivery of the belongings to the recipient, with the urgency of delivery, is often a key parameter while choosing a supplier.
  • Shipping cost of packages. Due to limited budgets, customers often neglect the quality and reliability of transport services.
  • The experience and reliability of the moving company. Many people try to determine the reliability of a transport company from reviews, forgetting that many of the reviews are advertising articles, so you should trust them with caution.
  • Efficiency. A criterion that is often decisive while choosing, since many cargoes are not ready for transportation on time, and therefore efficiency in the supply of transport and the implementation of cargo transportation on time is very important.
  • Accounting. Working with documents, concluding contracts and providing financial documents.
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