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How to Be Safe when Going Out for the Night

Sometimes the only thing you need to turn a bad week around is a great night out!

Unfortunately, many can’t fully enjoy a night out on the town without feeling a little worry at the back of their mind.  What if some creep follows me out to my car after?  Or what if I leave my drink unattended for just a moment to sing karaoke?  What if someone steals my purse and phone?  Swallow down these questions, and don’t let them eat at you: here are the top ways you can be safe when you go out at night, so you don’t have to worry!

Go With Friends

There’s no need to be alone.  When looking at Knoxville real estate, treat it like you would go with one or two people whose opinions matter and who you trust.  Going with friends can make a night more fun for you, plus it gives you the chance to be safer and less capable of getting singled out.  Friends can help watch drinks, make sure that nobody gets too frisky with you, and guarantee that you get home safely.  When going out with friends, it’s also your responsibility to protect them, as well- so be thoughtful and keep an eye open.

Don’t Be Predictable.

If you always walk to the bar at ten pm every Friday night, stay two to four hours, and then walk back home- you’re very predictable and set yourself up to be noticed.  Although not everyone has to deal with a stalker or someone mugging them in their lifetime- the possibility is there to happen.  Change up where you walk, what time, and what day if you can.  Being unpredictable makes it so that nobody can spring a trap on you and harm or kidnap you.

If Your Drink Is Out Of Sight, It’s trash.

Rohypnol, ketamine, or ecstasy can be slipped into a drink with nearly no effort.  Although there might be a slight flavor change or change in the drink’s look, people might not notice these changes under bright lights and pumping music.  If you set your drink down for even a moment or aren’t able to keep an eye on it, consider it trash.  It might be expensive to buy another drink, but paying more is an easier pill to swallow than a roofie.

Think And Act Cautiously

For the same reason you wouldn’t stop a car in the middle of a freeway, you have to be careful where you put yourself during a night out.  It’s not your fault if something happens to you, but you deserve to be able to get out and have fun without having to be nervous at every turn.  

Instead of walking home alone, take a Lyft or Uber and wait until a female driver is available.  Stay in crowded areas, and avoid getting singled out.  Please don’t go home with strangers unless they’re a friend of someone you know very well. Unfortunately, there’s no way to control other people’s behavior, so you have to modify yourself to protect yourself.