House Paint: The Beauty To The House 

We look beautiful in clothes or using beauty products, but what makes our house look beautiful?  The architecture, standard of construction, and color depict the beauty of the house. Choosing the color which suits the house depends on the owner’s likes and dislikes. House paint is available in many forms, with different colors and quality levels. There are many brands available in the store which has different prices, quantity, and quality. Old boring houses are converted to new looking fashioned houses through trendy brand new house paint (สี ทา บ้าน, which is the term in Thai).

Using VOC paints (volatile organic compounds) should be avoided as it is easily vaporized at room temperature and releases harmful chemicals to the atmosphere. These chemicals being harmful to health can cause cancer, headache, and difficulty breathing. There are many different types of house paints, below are a few of them:

Primer Paint

Prime paint is also called Sealers. Simply speaking, it is not completely considered as paint. It is coated on the surface before applying the actual color paint as it cleans the surface from dust and other impure particles and gives a bright look to the color. If you choose to color an oil-based paint then prefer the primer also to be oil-based.

Oil-Based Or Water-Based

Water-based paint tends to dry within less time and can easily be removed but oil-based which is made with oil takes a long time to dry but give the shiny look and have the capacity to withstand the damage and pressure. Oil-based paint uses chemicals to remove. The odor of the water-based paints is negligible whereas the oil-based paints have more odor.

Interior And Exterior Paint

The interiors of the house are generally painted with the color which is water-based and the exteriors are painted with oil-base. When you go to a store to buy paint you easily get an idea of which is an exterior and which is an interior as the tins are titled. 

Precautions And Tips

  • It is very important to take a few precautions while painting.
  • Painting tools and paint cans should be kept away from the children.
  • People with a lung infection, sinus, or any other health problems are advised to take special care while painting the house.  
  • During the interior painting make sure that there is proper ventilation.
  • Choose the paintings which are eco-friendly and are with low VOC/ no VOC.