Home improvement

House flooring is looking beautiful when it is decorated by using wood. 

Wood is for making floor decorations looking like wood grains, colours as well as naturally found in this. It is manufactured from timber trees. It generally uses for flooring so we can get it in different colours, styles, cuts, species. There is flooring that is also available which is also considered in flooring is bamboo flooring which is made of grass. 

There are generally three types of wooden flooring available such as hardwood flooring, laminate flooring as well as engineered wood materials flooring. You can get more information about Wood Flooring Services.

Installation process-

  1. Arrangements of floors- we have to make sure that the surface is clean from any dust, nails, or anything. We also take care that there is not any kind of harmful materials that are on the surface which has moisture. We are also sure that the floor is dried before installation. 
  2. Tar paper is roll out- turning out the tar paper on the clean surface. It will blockade the moisture which avoids it to damage the new flooring. 
  3. Jumble the wooden committee to prevent it from colour variations. So open many boxes of wood and mix it to avoid it. 
  4. The installation process in which four methods are done-
  • Nail down- In this nails are is to join together the wood to the subfloor. This is the eldest technique. 
  • Staple down- It is used to nails is joining with wood to the subfloor. It is simple than the first one. 
  • Glue-In this wooden board are glue with the subfloor. 
  • Floating- It I’d a fast and simple process in which wooden boards are not attached to the subfloor but the wooden board is attached. 

Advantage of wood flooring service-

  • When you use wood in your home it increases the value of your house. 
  • Its maintenance cost is low. 
  • The air inside the home’s quality is healthy. 
  • It improves the grace of the age. 
  • It is a good insulation material it prevents excessive heating and cooling of the floor. 
  • It improves the beauty of the building or a room with natural. 

The disadvantage of wood flooring service-

  • It is costlier than other flooring materials. 
  • It is not is used to hang up heavy objects because it results in scratches on the flooring. 
  • Used mopping for cleaning the surface. Moisture contact should be prevented as much as possible. 

Additional tips for using this-

  • Natural wood should be prevented in the kitchen as well as bathroom areas. If it comes in area water it damages it. 
  • If the wooden floor is too costly then use it only in the living room as well as the bedroom. 
  • Don’t use it in a toilet or kitchen area.