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FOUR tips to inspect your property

Are you receiving your new property soon? This is always an important date, surrounded by expectations, whether for the fulfillment of a dream, or for the investment that is being made. Anyway, the Building Inspection Perth is a fundamental part of this process, even to avoid future problems. With that in mind, we have separated 4 tips for surefire inspections for you to know if all items are really in order. You 

How to inspect my property?

First of all, schedule the inspection for a calm day, which you can dedicate exclusively to the contract. On the other hand, you will observe, check, test – and for that, the ideal is to assemble a real inspection kit. Start with a copy of the descriptive memorial, which is where all the materials used are listed. Remember that the property inspection is your guarantee that you are taking what you are paying for and it has been agreed.

Test the electrical installations and don’t forget the hydraulics

Generally in new apartments the energy meter is not yet installed. If so, make it clear in the report that the electrical installation has not been tested and why. However, this does not prevent you from checking other items. Open the circuit breaker board and check that all are properly identified. Also check if all the sockets, switches and power points that were in the project were properly installed. The hydraulic network must also be checked. Also notice the floor trim for the drains. 

Tips for inspecting windows, doors and frames

They are also important items to check. All doors in the house must be opened and closed to see that they are not holding onto the floor and that the door handles, latches and locks are closing and opening smoothly. Also test all house keys. Do the same with the windows and see if the glass is not scratched, stained or if there is a splash of paint. There should be no rust or peeling or damaged paint in the window frames in any way. Also see if there is no leakage in the frames that can cause problems on rainy days.

Coverings, grouts, floors and tiles

Visually assess if there are no cracks and stains in the floors and tiles. The pieces must be well placed without unevenness or discontinuity and with uniform coloring. The grout must also be clear and uniform. Mark the correction points with stickers. Take a broomstick and tap on the tile to assess the floor. If there is a spot with a hollow sound, it is a sign that the coating has lost. Remember that all repairs must be ordered before handing over the keys and that the builder has up to a month to do the repairs.