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Five Tips for Removing Weeds in The Lawn

These five tips will help you effectively remove weeds from the lawn and not let them grow indiscriminately.

  1. Pour Boiling Water Over the Weeds in The Lawn

An extremely ecological variant to destroy the weeds in the lawn, with a very high penetration power. To do this, boil about 1 liter of water (e.g., in a kettle) and immediately pour it over the affected area. Then you wait for a while and can virtually watch the weeds come in. Scalding down destroys the weed’s susceptible organism.

The dead plants then only have to be pulled out of the ground, and this area is free again for new lawn seeds. If healthy lawn plants come into contact with boiling water, they usually die too. So be very careful when using it.

  1. Weed Weeds with Special Tools or Scarify Directly

Another ecologically friendly method is weeding weeds in the lawn or garden. A normal rake or a special weed cutter is used here used. The weed cutter has the advantage that it has various functions. For example, it can first loosen the soil so that the weeds can then be collected relatively easily.

If the weed infestation is too extensive, then scarifying can no longer be avoided. Here you push the weeds with heavy equipment, tear them out, and at the same time scratch the ground somewhat.

However, the consequence of this is a rather unattractive view of a very holey lawn, as healthy plants are sometimes removed. But don’t worry: a little fertilization and sowing of new lawn and the area will shine again in its usual green.

  1. Use Weed Remover

With a weed remover (also weed killer called), you go straight to the wild plants’ collar. It is advisable to follow the instructions printed on the packaging about dosage and frequency of use by agents in the field of earth development. These agents should protect the lawn and only develop their effect on the broad-leaved weed plants. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to use chemicals only in small quantities and with caution.

  1. Regularly Fertilize The Lawn

Since weeds usually arise when the lawn is undersupplied, it is essential to establish this supply permanently. Creating an intact ecosystem should be the goal of every hobby gardener. The application of lawn fertilizer can be made by hand or with technical equipment, such as a broadcast spreader.

Success proves you are right: This fertilizer trolley ensures that the fertilizer is evenly applied and thus that the lawn grows evenly. In the end, the stronger and healthier the lawn plants, the fewer chance weeds, and moss have to multiply.

  1. Remove the Weeds from The Lawn Regularly

Regularly weed control manning SC is very important not to allow them to spread over a large area in the garden. For example, in summer, we walk across the entire lawn before mowing the lawn and first pluck out the weeds and fungi in the lawn by hand to avoid uncontrolled spreading.