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Five Hot Trends in Kitchen Cabinets for 2021


If you’re looking to redo your kitchen cabinets soon, listen up!

Don’t pay good money on passe colors and old-school decor. And don’t settle for builder-grade quality. Get your preferred Colorado cabinet manufacturer on speed dial and try these five hot trends in kitchen cabinets for 2021.

Goodbye Grey

Although white is still in, gray cabinets are losing their luster. For several years grey has dominated the kitchen (and a lot of the rest of the home). But it’s time for a change. Blues and greens, often in muted shades, are the new color choice for kitchen cabinets.

Your Colorado cabinet manufacturer should have an array of glossy and flat colors in your preferred hue. Try a soft blue to contrast with all that white-it will be fabulous!

Open Shelving

Many homeowners are opting for more artistic open shelving rather than cabinets in some parts of their kitchen. Shelves can be both functional and beautiful. Stack your matching dinnerware and glassware you love to show off. A great manufacturer can create beautiful shelves in your kitchen.

However, if you are a tad disorganized, then you may want to skip this trend. Open shelves need to be neatly adorned. A qualified cabinet manufacturer can suggest where open shelves make the most sense.

Glass Doors

Similarly, cabinets with glass doors are also aesthetically pleasing and big for 2021. This trend is a bit easier to pull off than open shelves, as items will be more protected and contained. No dusting required!

But glass-doored cabinets still require neat stacking and attention to detail. Again, get help from your manufacturer to decide which cabinets will have glass doors. In Colorado, like many states, homeowners prefer lower cabinets to be solid to hide unsightly pans and the typical kitchen clutter.

Multiple Colors

But who says cabinets all need to be the same color? One fashionable trend for 2021 is contrasting cabinet colors in the kitchen. Many designers prefer color on the base cabinets and white on the upper cabinets. It’s a great way to try out a bold color (robin’s egg blue?!) without going overboard.

But be sure you don’t place the darker color on top. It can make the kitchen feel closed in and dark. Ask your preferred cabinet manufacturer for their recommended color combinations.

Another popular way to enjoy this trend is to paint the island cabinets a fun color. Then your kitchen has an attractive, updated feel without the commitment to a wild color throughout.

Luxe Hardware

Lastly, a hot design trend for 2021 is luxe hardware. Think shiny gold or bold brass. Sophisticated hardware can give a kitchen a more modern look. Thankfully, changing knobs and pulls is also a very affordable way to update your home.

When selecting the hardware that goes best with your look, be sure to avoid shiny brass. It gives off a 90s vibe and dates your cabinets. Choose brass that is brushed or has an antique look. A great cabinet manufacturer should have dozens of choices of hardware for you to peruse.

If you’re building or updating an existing kitchen this year, please remember these hot trends. Your home will look more modern and attractive and will stay looking sharp for years to come. There’s nothing sadder than a brand new kitchen that looks dated out of the gate.

Contact a qualified cabinet manufacturer in Colorado and start planning your trendy kitchen today!

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