Fireplace Tools, Chimney Caps and Other Fireplace Accessories

When you start shopping for fireplace accessories, you’ll find a wide range of options. Some are necessities if you have wood-burning fireplace, some help conserve energy, and some are simply for convenience and decoration. Below you’ll find descriptions of the most common fireplace accessories.

Fireplace Tool Sets

Most fireplace tool sets consist of an iron, chrome, steel, or brass stand that holds four tools: brush, shovel, poker, and tongs. You should choose a tool set that complements your fireplace screen because it usually sits on the hearth next to the screen.

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens stand in front of the fireplace opening to prevent ash or sparks from leaving the fireplace, and pets and children from coming in contact with the fire. Every wood or gas-burning fireplace should have a screen. Electric fireplaces usually don’t require screens.

Fireplace Candelabra

Fireplace candelabras fit inside the firebox. They’re usually wide and tiered, with several holders for pillar candles. They’re attractive replacements for wood or gas fires, and can be used without a fire screen. They produce little heat, but are beautiful to look at.


Andirons are decorative iron or brass stands that sit inside the firebox. Most andirons have leg bars that extend behind them to support logs in an open fireplace, but some are designed to sit in front of a fire grate.

Log Basket

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, then a log basket, log cart, or log rack, is a useful fireplace accessory. Although you can stack logs on the hearth, the basket prevents them from tumbling onto the floor or sprinkling bark and wood slivers onto the floor.

Fireplace Grate

A fireplace grate is more commonly used than andirons. The grate curves upward to hold several logs in the fireplace and shift them into place as the center log burns away. Ash falls through the grate to the floor. Kindling is placed under the grate to improve airflow to the fire.


If you’re energy conscious, then a fireback can help you save money and energy whenever you have a fire. The fireback is an iron or steel plate mounted to the back of the fireplace opening that retains heat from the fire and reflects it back into the room.

Chimney Pot or Chimney Cap

A chimney pot or cap can be copper or steel. It sits atop the flue of your chimney to prevent water, animals, and leaves from getting into your home. Some caps can be rotated to adapt to wind shifts or correct for poorly-designed flues. Some also contain spark arresters to catch sparks before they land on your roof.

Fireplace accessories range from inexpensive shovels to high-end firebacks. The amount you spend depends entirely on your tastes and budget. Whatever you need, you’ll find a variety of options at a variety of prices.