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Factors that greatly influence the California real estate market during Covid-19 pandemic

The valuation of a property is an important element when making the decision to buy a commercial plot, taking into account that this is one of the most important investments of your life that could mean a better profitability if you wanted to sell it in the future. During the devastating situation due to Covid 19, the USA government took some major steps that literally affected the real estate market, including price, especially commercial property. So you must identify what factors influence when calculating the value of a commercial property. Take into account these factors that affect the value of a property so that you can make the best investment, even during Covid 19 period. However, don’t forget to consult with an expert regarding the Business property tax California as there are some modifications with existing real-estate laws. Long-term appreciation is the main recommendation to invest in real-estate.

Environment and location

Investing in a consolidated area of ​​the city, or one that has an important growth projection, will always be decisive for the value of your commercial property. A good location and a desirable environment is defined by several elements –

  • Access to roads and mobility in general,
  • Easy access to the public transport system,
  • Development of roads and infrastructure and improvement of space,
  • Existing regulations in the sector and land use,
  • Surrounding commercial areas, such as shopping malls, chain stores, supermarkets, bakeries, shops, pharmacies, etc.
  • Entertainment, leisure, worship and culture areas, such as cinemas, theaters, parks, churches, libraries, museums.
  • Public space: parks, platforms, green areas, gardens, equipment.

When you want to put your commercial property up for sale or lease, a professional appraiser will make an X-ray of the general characteristics of the sector, such as the class of the surrounding, the types of buildings in the sector and the activities that predominate in the place. In that sense, the surroundings and sector where your commercial property is located will be the key to acquiring less or greater value. Being in a flood zone, with unpleasant odors, high environmental and noise pollution, situations that affect safety, will be environmental factors that definitely devalue your property.


When evaluating your commercial property, the construction areas, the number of floors and levels, the distribution and description of the spaces, the age of the property, the category of finishes and the state of conservation will also be observed. Ultimately, how big is your asset, what have you invested in it and how you have cared for it, will increase or decrease its value.

Physical attributes of the property

All the complementary characteristics and attributes that your commercial property acquires will be subject to valuation – evaluation of structure, roof, facade finishes, mezzanines, masonry, windows, stairs, exterior area finishes, location within the complex, parking spaces, useful room, garage, common areas, etc. The value of the administration fee and public services -water, electricity, gas, among others- will also influence.

Property legal issues

At the time of making an appraisal, it is investigated who the owner is, the title of acquisition of the property, cadastral registry, horizontal property deed, recognition of the construction firm, etc. Consult with an expert property tax consultant to know more on this subject.

Offer and demand

They refer to the number of properties that the market offers and the number of people interested in acquiring a property. When there is a high demand expressed in a sector, the market value rises, as long as the supply fails to satisfy said demand.

Now that you know what factors affect the valuation of a commercial property, especially during pandemic period, we hope you analyze the best projects and sectors of the city where to buy or sell your commercial property.