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Exploring Outdoor Blinds For The First Time: Sharing My Experience

I am not going to lie, but the idea of outdoor blinds in Singapore seems counterintuitive or a form of going against human nature. Besides, who in the right mind would want to go outside, to bask under the sun, only to decide to shun it away when you feel like it? That was my initial reaction, and I am glad to have removed it from my beliefs b

In this article, I would like to share my experiences with hearing about this household item for the first time in my life.


As someone who loves the beach and all things outdoor, people probably know how I prioritised having an outdoor space in my small and lovely abode during its construction. They usually hear me raving about the exciting activities I do during my spare time or how much I love reading a book under the blazing but comforting heat of the sun. So, no one would have guessed that I considered having balcony blinds in Singapore.


My everyday habits outside accomplishing all tasks and other essentials are to spend the afternoon doing what I love and spending time with my loved ones during the weekend. Because of this, I never saw the outdoors as a place to use my laptop, finish work, and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Until one day, I realised the beauty of working wherever your heart wants you!


So, my purpose for getting blinds for my outdoor area in Singapore is to shun away sunlight when working from home because the excessive light affects my screens. Also, my friends were surprised that this was the first time I considered working in outdoor spaces because they knew I loved immersing myself in lush surroundings. Going back, I was unfamiliar with the products, so I immediately searched for retailers and other information about outdoor blinds.


I am thankful for my friend who referred a service provider to me because I lacked time to research and explore more options than I could have. So, I immediately visited their website, looked at their offerings, and went to their office to look for something that matched my home. Of course, I knew a thing or two already, so I did not consider blackout blinds in Singapore with total protection from the sun or anything that did not align with my lifestyle.


Gladly, I did not experience anything tedious or complicated with the manufacturer because we knew how to communicate with each other. I laid down my concerns, checked the options they offered me, and read all the mandates and rules that surround purchasing. As I am writing this, the outdoor blinds are currently folded down because of how extra sunny it is today, and I have no complaints about the product or the service from the manufacturer.

If you wish to protect yourself from the sun and other environmental factors, consider Durablinds Trading and enjoy the outdoors more than you can!