Everything You Need To Know About Secure Door Latches

A secure door is a key to a good night’s sleep. You can lose your sleep if your door is not properly locked. Whether you are in the house, or you are not, safety is at the top of everyone’s priority list. To make sure that your home is safe, you need a strong door latch and locks. 

What Is A Door Latch?

A latch is a mechanical fastener. This piece of fastener is attached to a door that joins two objects horizontally or vertically. This type of latch also allows both of the objects their regular separation. A latch is usually a piece of hardware. 

What Is The Difference Between A Door Latch And A Lock? 

A door latch does not always have a lock and key method to open it. So, a latch temporarily closes a door and fastens the door with the adjacent wall. But a door lock has a specific function. The primary function of a lock is to tightly secure the door with a unique lock combination. It is safer and not temporary.

How Does A Latch Work? 

The most common of all latches have a bar. This latch bar fits into a notch or slot made of similar hardware. This bar has a lever that is lifted from either side to open or close the door. 

What Are The Different Types Of Latches Available? 

There are different types of door latches available in the market. Choose from the types of latches: 

  1. Tubular Latches:  This type of latch uses a handle or a knob. It is also known as a mortice latch. It comes in a wide range of sizes. 
  2. Roller Bolt Latches:  This latch is used on doors and it is suitable for cupboard knob and pull handles. The roller bolt latches use a spring to adjust the force while opening or closing the door. 
  3. Rim Latches:  These are very common in old cottages. It requires a rim latch and a knob and operates from both sides. Rib knobs do not always require a key combination to lock it, as it has a button. By pushing this button from either side of the door, it gets locked. This type of lock is fitted at the edge of the door frame. 

Find the best door latch (กลอนประตู, which is the term in Thai) for your door to keep it safe and secure.