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Everything You Need to Know About Sash Window

Sash windows are those windows that are open vertically and have one or more moveable parts. These windows are commonly associated with traditional architecture and design. These designs contain two frames, one in front of another. In other words, it is also known as a sliding sash. The window units are positioned in frames with vertical grooves. These groves allow them to move smoothly and freely without causing any frictional wear. Moreover, double glazing repair London repairs any damage or crack in minimum time. 

The counterbalances may be exposed inside the window or hidden within the frame. Let’s learn a bit about the types of sash windows. 

Types of Sash Windows 

There are three main types of sash windows. Depending on your house, you are choosing the most suitable design. 

  • Georgian Windows: these are made from two window units that contain six glass panes.
  • Victorian Windows: with such an advancement in glass-making technology, the Victorian windows have two over two designs. Each window unit in this design has two panes of glass connected by a single vertical glazing bar. Sash window London ensures you use top-quality material to ensure the safety of your house and family members. 
  • Edwardian Windows: these windows have six over two designs. Floor-to-ceiling windows enable as many lights as possible into rooms. The lower window unit was made from two panes of glass, and fewer window bars mean lighter in the house. The top window unit was made of six panes. 

What Are Windows Made From?

Initially, the sash windows were made purely from wood, but now the sash window frames are made of various materials to cover all the tastes, applications, and budgets. The double glazing repair London shows all designs and structures that go well with your house during the installation. 

uPVC Windows 

The sash uPVC windows are customarily made from painted and colored plastic to look just like a wooden frame. These sash windows are very efficient. However, you cannot recycle the uPVC sash windows. 

Aluminum Windows 

With technology, aluminum windows were also introduced, and they are widely accepted by the masses worldwide. The aluminum windows offer excellent protection, as they are strong and durable. Moreover, unlike uPVC sash windows, aluminum windows are recyclable and have a longer life span. Sash window London charges minimum maintenance cost for some sash designs. 

Timber Framed Windows

Timber-framed windows can be built using any of the following woods:

  • Pine: it is a cheap and an excellent choice when it comes to aesthetics. If required for a long-term service, it can demand a level of maintenance.
  • Oak: it is a strong, beautiful, and hard-wearing traditional material. Oak made windows last longer and provide more security.
  • Accoya: This is another modern wood found from sustainable sources in New Zealand and treated in the Netherlands. Accoya is carbon neutral. Due to the treatment process, Accoya is superbly strong and resistant to heat expansion or contraction and moisture. 

Before choosing the sashes for your windows, contact an expert to get the necessary information and prices.