Numerous enterprises were forced to shut down because of the continuous diffusion of the COVID-19. This lethal virus has killed thousands of people ever since November 2019 and up until the current time. Good thing is, with the modernization that technologies and the Internet have provided us, working from home is now achievable. Resuming the once halted operation of companies in the business industry.

However, there are still some disadvantages that telecommuting has. One of them is that completing household chores when you are home-based can be complicated than you can imagine. Most especially when there are multiple things await to be accomplished at your online job.

It is, indeed, impossible to multitask and still able to complete your errands at home.

Specifically, when you need to prepare and cook a meal for you and your family, considering that some kitchen tools need to be manually utilized by an individual.

This is one of the reasons why hands-free, also known as touch-free kitchen technologies were created. These are the modern types of machinery that were made where there are automated features to enable a device to be used without the help of human hands. The most conventional types of these touch-free technologies are wireless – which is much easier to operate and fewer objects to occupy areas in your cooking area.

These particular developments’ popularity in the market is growing as days go by.

Hands-free technologies are also constructed to raise awareness on how Corona Virus Disease 2019 is contagious and highly dangerous. Since your pantry is the most used room in your humble abode, many microorganisms have the high possibility to build and live within. 

Based on the research experts have made, even on the kitchen cabinet Corona can remain for 24 hours while on stainless steel and plastic, it has the power to stay for 72 hours. Once a person touches a thing in their cooking area that has these bacteria, particularly an individual who has a weak immune system, they will easily get contaminated. 

So to avoid such things from happening, read the infographic below brought to you by Mr. Cabinet Care, the best in remodeling kitchen cabinet Anaheim, a guide to your enhancement with your kitchen lifestyle starring touch-free technologies:
Enhancing Your Kitchen Lifestyle with Touch-Free Technology