EIGHT recipes with cheese to eat until you don’t want to anymore

Cheese is an ingredient that can be used to assemble tasty snacks and meals. As its flavor is mild, it harmonizes with the most varied combinations. In the list below, you can check out some options for adding this item to your menu. And if you know someone who loves cheese more than anything else, you can surely gift him/her Cheese gift boxes. See how delicious it is.

Spaghetti with cheese plate

The spaghetti is ideal for when you want a delicious meal that is ready in just minutes. Here, the classic dish gets an adapted version, in which cheese and cream are part of the recipe. You will also need bacon, eggs and parsley.

Macon Cheese with Cheese Plate

Pasta is synonymous with practicality. To test this recipe at home, all you need to do is have the dough, water, milk, dish and cheddar cheeses, mustard and spices you prefer. Few ingredients can result in a mouth-watering meal.

Cannelloni with cheese and white sauce

In this recipe, fresh lasagna dough is used to assemble the cannelloni. The filling is on account of the cheese. The topping has a microwave-safe sauce with cream cheese, cream, butter and parmesan. With just 15 minutes in the kitchen, it is possible to get a very tasty dish to enjoy with the whole family.

Mexican lasagna with cheese plate

Unlike traditional lasagna, this recipe substitutes potatoes for pasta. Two sauces are made to spice up the dish: a peppery red of ground beef and another inspired by sour cream. To close the recipe with a golden key, the platter and cheddar cheeses also come into play in the assembly of the layers

Gnocchi Macon Cheese with cheese plate

Potato gnocchi is already a delight. If it’s covered in a cheese sauce, it is much better. As the dough is homemade, this is not a very quick recipe to be made. However, it does not take long. Besides, the end result is so delicious, it’s worth trying.

Eggplant au gratin with cheese plate

For those looking for a low carbohydrate recipe, it’s worth betting on this option. Here, the eggplant is au gratin (baked with a topping of seasoned breadcrumbs and cheese) and assembled in layers, which intersperse the vegetable, tomato sauce, dish and Parmesan cheeses and cream cheese. The result is a light dish full of flavors.

Barbecue Risotto with Cheese

Had a barbecue and leftover meat? So, how about preparing this risotto to avoid waste and still enjoy a new flavor? Here, besides the taste of roasted meat, there is also a spicy touch, lentil beans and melted cheese. All you need is good quality cheese.

Cheese bread with sweet potatoes and cheese plate

Cheese bread is good for breakfast as well as snacks in the middle of the day. For a healthier result, the purpose of this recipe is to use sweet potatoes. Besides, the cheese chosen for preparation is the dish, which makes all the difference in the final taste of the delicacy.

Now that you know eight mouthwatering dishes made with cheese, it is highly recommended that you read the blog about cheese and discover various options.

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