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Dryer Vent Cleaning- Inspection signs for that and its Benefits

The dryer lint is highly flammable and can cause a fire as well which can eventually put the whole house on fire. Usually, people ignore the cleaning of dryer vents and it ultimately becomes the reason for the fire outbreak in the house. When the dryer does its job, the water is removed, lint is trapped by the lint filter and the air is forced out of the exhaust system. When the lint is not cleaned for a long time then the excess lint stays in the dryer and the airflow is restricted. This makes the motor overheat as the dryer works harder to dry the clothes. The excess lint build-up will in end become the reason for a fire. 

Here are certain tips for dryer vent cleaning:

  • One should first of all inspect that dryer lint should have no rips. Also, one should clean the dryer lint before every drying cycle. 

  • One should observe the kind of lint and if it is moist then it is a sign to get the dryer vents clean. 

  • The lint screen should be cleaned every week by softly rubbing it or washing it with light dishwashing soap.

  • One should always conduct a regular inspection of the vent hood that is on the exterior of the house. One should see that whether the flaps of the hood are moving and is the airflow proper or not. If one feels that airflow is not appropriate then it is a sign that the exhaust system needs cleaning. 

  • One should not put drying rags or clothes in a dryer that is flammable and can blast in the dryer resulting in a fire.

  • One should always see that if there is lint on the floor or not. If there is then it means that one should get the exhaust system cleaned. 

  • Another sign that shows that vent needs cleaning is when the clothes take more than one cycle to dry the clothes. 

  • One should never put those clothes in the dryer that have been soaked in any of the flammables. This might create an explosion in the dryer.

Benefits of regularly cleaning dryer vents

If one gets the cleaning regularly then one can get the following benefits:

  • Prevents fire in advance

A dryer fire can take place because of not cleaning it on time. Too much accumulation of the lint in the lint filter can eventually catch fire in the dryer and can set the whole house on fire. Cleaning the duct and the lint filter in advance can prevent the fire.

  • Helps in saving money

If one keeps on getting the duct clean regularly then there are fewer chances of occurrence of any problem. Frequent occurring problems mean one has to hire dryer duct cleaners which eventually means spending more money. So, regular cleaning will save money.

  • Saves time for the user

If the duct is not clean then there are high chances that the dryer does not work efficiently. And also it might take up more time. So, regular cleaning of it will save time as well.

So, one can get all these benefits by appointing a professional for residential dryer vent cleaning in Simpsonville SC.