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Do You Know How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioner?

As a homeowner, there must be many to-do lists that you need to maintain. During these Covid times, while tackling with your many other quarantine cleaning projects, your aircon servicing should also be an important one to add to your to-do list.

If you are living in Singapore, where the climate remains humid throughout the year, regular maintenance and upkeeping of your AC unit are very important. Since the air conditioner is always needed in this region and hence it is necessary that it should always remain in top condition so that it can offer necessary comfort in the room.

Now the basic question is how often you should call a professional AC service provider so that you can maintain a cool atmosphere within your room. Airconservicing.org is one of the well-known cheap aircon services Singapore who is offering aircon maintenance services for the last 18 years and offers a good service at a reasonable cost.

Regular AC maintenance can keep your AC system running smoothly for many years, and you can save money by paying lesser energy bills. However, over a period, your AC system can become less efficient. There can be the development of water leaking and lots of dust and debris may get accumulated inside your AC unit.

All these can affect the cooling of your home and you may end up paying a high electricity bill too.

The following are the recommended cleaning schedule of your air conditioner, which you must try to maintain for better performance of your AC unit.

1.    Filter cleaning

Your filters can attract dust very quickly and therefore it is essential to clean them after every alternate week. To clean the filter, you need not visit or call any professional service provider, as it is very easy to remove your air filter and wash it with soap water that you can easily do it yourself.

Dust can block filters and that can always reduce the effectiveness of your AC unit. By replacing any blocked-up filter, the energy consumption of your air conditioner will reduce by 5 to 15%.

2.    Professional cleaning

A thorough professional cleaning will be needed after every 6 months where all its internal parts will be dismantled and chemically washed. This will help you to remove any signs of mould and other dust accumulation inside your AC unit.

3.    Advanced cleaning

In case you are not very sure, when you have cleaned your air conditioner last, then better go for an advanced cleaning where each of the parts of the unit will be thoroughly checked and in case, they are found malfunctioning then either they will be repaired or replaced.

Advanced cleaning will address all kind of problems that are existing in your unit that you did not notice before.

You may get the reference for many professional aircon services providers from various social network sites like Facebook or Twitter, where many of your friends can also recommend a few good service providers.