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Custom-made shed: How do I choose?

The idea of installing a garden shed outdoors might have crossed your mind lately, but you already love spending time in the garden, right? Well, you need to conceptualize the structure and design of your shed, ensuring that it seamlessly blends with your garden. A spacious garden shed would bring you additional space to store your gardening equipment, furniture, and tools. Of course, you may want to integrate a shed to couple it up as a space for gym, or an outdoor office. Depending on the purpose of your shed, you can get it tailored to perfection. The professional contractors would assist you with the necessary ideas and technology to build the right kind of shed.

In this post, you will get to know how you can choose the best custom shed for your garden

Things to consider when you build your garden shed

  1. Type of roof

The position of your garden shed largely determines the type of roof you would opt for. Have a look at the most popular types of roofs:

  • Apex style roof: This roof design offers a classic look, where the vertex contains a triangular point. The apex style has gained popularity over the years. Besides, you may request the contractor to install a reverse apex style roof, where the door is installed on the longest panel.
  • Pent roofs: Pent roofs in garden sheds have a slanted panel, inclined towards the backside of the shed. Therefore, the door is installed on the highest side. This type of roof goes well with gardens having several trees. With a pent roof installed in your garden, you would enjoy more internal space to store your accessories.
  1. Position of windows

While most people want to install windows in their garden sheds, you may also put off the idea altogether, considering security issues. However, you may choose from different window designs, depending on the aesthetics you love. The reputed manufacturers have designed classy windows to be incorporated in garden sheds. Particularly, when you look out for an airy and well-circulated shed, it would be advisable to go for windows. Besides, people who prefer to work in these outdoor spaces would require more sunlight. Consult the installer regarding the positioning of your windows.

  1. Choosing the shed doors

One of the critical considerations while designing your outdoor space, you need to select the right kind of doors. 

  • Single and double doors: The choice of garden shed doors depends on the kind of equipment you would be storing and the size of the structure. Accordingly, you need to go for a double or single door system. In case you wish to store large equipment like lawnmowers, a double door system is recommended. Such large machines would not get in through a single door.
  • Roll-up or sliding doors: In case your yard has limited space, roll-up or sliding doors would be a great option. Again, people residing in areas experiencing heavy snowfall during winter should opt for roll-up doors. This would save you’re the efforts of shoveling the precipitate after a storm.

Ask your installer whether or not you need a ramp to roll motorcycles or other equipment in and out. In most cases, the shed doors are placed above the ground by a few inches.

Additional features to look for while installing your shed

With a few more additions to your garden shed, you can transform it into a lively place to work in. These include:

  • Water facilities
  • Insulation
  • Electricity
  • Air-conditioning

Wooden sheds are extensively popular across the world, thanks to the beautiful organic essence they offer. Depending on your requirements, you may request the installer to incorporate the necessary features in your garden shed. With the right additions, you can turn your garden shed from a damp and dark space into an energetic outdoor space.