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Common Toilet Problems You Can Fix Yourself

If you are a homeowner or if you live in a suite with your friends, the chances are that more than thrice a year, you have gone through at least one of these toilet issues and errors. Going out of your way to find a plumber every now and then and to pay him a handsome amount as well as spending your time on your toilet issues can really get so much frustrating.

Now, you can fix your toilet yourself without having to need anyone’s help! I’m going to present a list of some of the most common toilet problems that are found every other day, which you can easily fix yourself without any extra money issues and in no time too!

So here are the most common toilet problems that you can fix yourself!

  1. Toilet not Flushing 
  • Make sure the flush handle is not too tight or too loose
  • Check for faults in the flush lever
  • Check the chain lift to see if it’s properly attached to the flapper and is not tangled.
  • Check the condition of the flapper
  1. Toilet keeps Running 
  • This means that the water keeps running in the tank, passing through the fill valve
  • Check the flapper, make sure it is not faulty or unhooked
  • Replace the entire flushing valve system
  1. High water level/ overflowing 
  • Clean your fill valve or replace it
  • Clean out debris by reading the manufacturer’s instructions
  1. Toilet leakage 

Toilet leakage is one of the more serious issues one faces. If you see a leakage anywhere near the toilet, you should get it checked as soon as possible, or you should check it yourself. Because if neglected it can cause a lot of damage to your floorboards and there will be a lot of water wastage too.

  1. Stains on the ceilings that are below the bathrooms 

This issue can be blamed on the lousy or broken mounting bolts that are securing the toilet and attaching it to the floor.

  • Make sure that the toilet is positioned correctly and is right on top of the drain pipe
  • After that, make sure that you tighten the bolts of the toilet to the maximum points, leaving no chance for the leaks

Even after all this, the problems remain, then you should

  • Uninstall the toilets carefully and take a close look and observe the toilet anchor
  • Check the bolts once again and make sure to check the wax ring is not damaged as well
  • If the wax ring is damaged or broken, replace it immediately
  1. The water level inside the bowl is dropping 

If you are facing this issue with your toilet, then your toilet probably has

  • A clog like tissue paper or something else stuck in the bowl of your toilet, making it hard for the water to come through.
  • Your toilet bowl might be broken or cracked from the piping side.