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Commercial Versus Residential Plumbing: What is the Difference?

Commercial plumbing is more complicated than residential plumbing. Residential plumbing services usually focus on simple faucet repairs, pipe installation, repair, gas leaks and the annual backflow inspection required for Australian homes. Commercial plumbing requires extensive waste removal and fixes in water supply systems. Commercial plumbing is usually required for businesses, industrial properties and large housing complexes.

Commercial plumbing also focuses on more complicated designs for water supplies, water pressure, sewer and waste disposal, and boiler systems. Working with pipework, in and out, for most commercial complexes and business establishments are handled by commercial plumbing contractors Sydney. In some cases, commercial plumbing also requires carpentry skills, welding, soldering and attaching fittings together that small plumbing companies may not be able to provide.

Common Service Offerings by Commercial Plumbers

Specialised plumbing services that require bigger machineries, tools and manpower are usually covered by commercial plumbing companies. They offer the following services:

  • Design of plumbing systems and commercial outlets
  • Repair and replacement of entire commercial property plumbing systems
  • General maintenance, repair, piping and installation services
  • Plumbing maintenance contracts for business
  • Clearing of blocked stormwater drains and sewers
  • Water supply system installation, maintenance and repair
  • Fire system installation, maintenance and repair
  • Backflow prevention system repair, maintenance and certification

Common Service Offerings by Residential Plumbers

Residential plumbers handle smaller projects that require small tools and machines. However, although they offer less complex plumbing services, they have the expertise and experience that any qualified plumber poses. They offer the following services:

  • Leaking toilets
  • Broken pipes
  • Burst pipes
  • Gas leaks
  • Hot water system repairs
  • Clogged drains in kitchen and bathrooms

Residential Versus Commercial Plumbing

There are several areas that can help you distinguish the difference between commercial and residential plumbing. To be able to differentiate the two, you should look into these areas:

Usage of Pipes and Fixtures

Properties that have a greater daily usage in their plumbing system require a commercial plumber. Plumbing systems that are used most frequently, like in restaurants, factories and health facilities require higher water consumption and waste disposal on a daily basis. Residential homes only take up a partial of what commercial establishments usually do in terms of water use and waste disposal. The size, durability and the grading of the pipes used in commercial pipes are usually bigger and stronger compared to piping systems in residential homes.

Piping System Complexity

Piping systems are very simple in residential homes. It is quite easy to navigate around the pipes and repair jobs usually take a couple of hours or days. Commercial plumbing systems are rather complicated. There are several toilets, sinks and waste pipes in multiple floors and it takes quite some time to identify and resolve plumbing issues. Commercial plumbers are more equipped in handling the complexity of commercial buildings. They usually expect a lot of surprises compared to working on issues in a single residential home.

Potential for Damages

The risks for damages are quite higher and costs more in commercial plumbing systems compared to residential homes. In residential areas, the risk of affecting other areas in the home is only higher for complicated issues or for issues that were neglected for a long time. However, burst pipes in a commercial plumbing can do a lot of damage not only to the area where it is located but as well as the floors located beneath the burst pipe. The level of disaster in commercial plumbing issues is life threatening compared to that of small homes.

Even though there is quite a radical difference between commercial and residential plumbing systems, both types of systems require the expertise and experience a licenced plumber offers. You cannot entrust your residential plumbing needs to someone inexperienced with the job, no matter how small the issue may be.