Choose the Perfect Acoustic Solutions for Your House Now

In the case of perimeter walls, however, it is important to choose the thermal insulation well when deciding to install a coat , as it will perform the double function of thermal and acoustic insulation .

Often, especially in condominiums built before what it establishes that the vertical partitions separating the real estate units must be sized with an apparent soundproofing power of at least 50 dB for class III “basic” acoustic performance and respectively of 53 and 56 dB for classes II and I “good” and “very good” acoustic performance), there is no good insulation between the neighboring walls and the tenants are disturbed by the noises coming from the neighboring apartments. In the case of new buildings, the use of sound-absorbing masonry blocks helps to meet the necessary requirements, both for acoustic and thermal insulation. For all these, you need to consult with the acoustic consultants . They are 

The acoustic insulation of the attic: ceiling and floor

Through the attic, noise can spread between various floors, which house different real estate units and sometimes even spaces with different functions, such as offices.

It is possible to insulate both the ceiling and the floor by acting on the intrados or extrados of the floor. Insulating the floor allows you to eliminate the noises caused by trampling or the movement of objects.

Proceed by installing rolls of insulating material under the floor and screed, which must absorb the noise and prevent its transmission through the structure of the floor. There are also specific products for parquet and some of these mats are also suitable for thermal insulation.

If, on the other hand, it is decided to intervene for the acoustic insulation of the ceiling , the logic with which the structure is isolated is similar to that with which one intervenes on the internal walls. In fact, a false ceiling is prepared and insulating panels are inserted into the cavity.

In the event that it is not possible to intervene in this way, there are suspended acoustic panels on the market, which absorb noise and significantly reduce its reverberation. Surely, it is a quick and reversible solution.

The mineral acoustic insulators

A first category of acoustic insulation is mineral materials, such as rock wool and glass wool, available on the market both in the form of panels and rolls.


They are widely used in construction for sound insulation and also have excellent thermal insulation properties. Furthermore, both are generally used to protect internal environments and are often chosen for the attic floors or for the roofs and perimeter walls.