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Blissful Sleep ThroughTemperature-Regulating Bedsheets

Quality beddings can make a big difference between sleeping blissfully and waking up several times during the night. When sleep is always interrupted, it can wreak havoc on your mood and health. According to experts, the cooler the bedroom, the better will be your sleep. However, if you do not want to turn down the thermostat to 10 degrees to cool the room, you can opt for temperature-regulating sheets.

Cooling sheets for a blissful sleep

Temperature-regulating or cooling sheets that allow heat loss and allow the temperature to remain steady on the cool side are the best choices for the hot sleeper. Cooling sheets are different from the standard sheets sold at the bedding section in the mall; they have cooling technology that stores and releases heat throughout the night so that the body will remain at a stable temperature.

Cooling sheets are made from fabrics that have superior wicking properties like linen, cotton, and bamboo. Manmade fabrics like wool and flannel are heat-trapping materials that are best avoided.  You have two choices when it comes to cotton sheets – cotton and percale. The difference between the two fabric weaves is how tightly they are woven.

Percale uses a simple stitching method with one thread over and another thread under the pattern. Percale sheets are the best option for hot sleepers because they are lightweight, breathable, and durable. Meanwhile, cotton is the common favourite because it is soft, breathable, easy to clean, and affordable. If you prefer something luxurious like fancy hotel sheets, you can choose 100% Egyptian cotton sheets. Another option is 100% organic cotton fitted sheets that are perfect for the memory foam mattress.

Organic bamboo bedding is relatively new but it has become increasingly popular over the years. They are made from long fibres that are stretched throughout the entire length of the sheet. They are less likely to tear or pill than the traditional cotton sheets. Bamboo sheets are very comfortable and softer than cotton. They are also more breathable and won’t trap excess heat under the covers. They are naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial making them the best choice for the children’s beds.

Sheets with the cooling technology tend to be more expensive but you can gain your money’s worth with how much they feel cooler at night. Cooling sheets are the ideal choice for those going through menopause or suffer from night sweats. For best results, pair the cooling sheets with blankets, pillows, comforter, or duvet covers with cooling technology to stay cosy all night.

Most of the sheets are available in classic neutral colours with some limited-edition hues and prints. Ultimately, the decision will be based on personal taste and preferences whether you favour a certain colour, design, and pattern for the bedding.

One of your best options is bedding made in the USA that is personalized according to your taste so that it is unique from all others. You can decorate your bedroom in the colours and designs you love or make a statement with the colourful geometric bed sheets and vintage comforters.