Best Quality Bar Stools You Can Enjoy Using

Finding the perfect bar or kitchen stool is going to really depend on the layout of the room and where you want to use it. Our advice will guide you through the different models, their heights, styles and materials.

The different types of bar stools

There are two main types of stools: All stools are usually fitted with a footrest for added comfort. Choosing the Bar Stools for sale is the best option here.

The bar stool with one leg: the foot of the stool can be rounded or square. For more security, you may prefer a model equipped with an anti-slip strip. The height of these stools is generally adjustable, although they are still more suitable for a high seat.

The four-legged bar stool: its high stability makes it practical for all users. Its appearance is more rustic than the one-legged model.

The bar chair: it also includes a backrest.

Above all, a kitchen stool must be stable and suitable for its users. An adult will not need as much stability as a child.

Which Style To Choose For Your Bar Stools?

From the most modern stools in white or black, to those with an industrial or Scandinavian style, you are spoiled for choice! Make sure that the style and colors of this furniture match the rest of your kitchen (furniture, worktop and splash-back), or even your living room in the case of an open kitchen.

What Height for Your Kitchen Stool?

The height of a stool is chosen according to the place where it will be used, for the seat and the comfort, as for the storage of this one. As a general rule, it is advisable to allow an interval of 25 to 35 cm between the seat of your stool and the top under which it is placed. This allows for a minimum of 10 cm between the top of the knee and the lower edge of the bar or snack table.

Some benchmarks:

  • 45 cm: this size allows you to eat at a standard table.
  • 65 cm: perfect for leaning on a kitchen worktop that is on average 90 cm high. It can be used by both young and old alike.
  • 75 cm: this is the ideal size for a table or a bar counter located at a height of 1 m.

Height-Adjustable Kitchen Stools

A height-adjustable foot makes it possible to adapt to all sizes: of people, and of furniture. The adjustable stool can be easily moved and reused, since it will adapt to most configurations, and can even be used as a chair if necessary. However, it must be checked that the amplitude of the possible heights is sufficient.