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Best HVAC Filters

HVAC filters are used to filter out dust particles from the air inside your homes and provide fresh, breathable, healthy air. HVAC filters are disposable as well as washable. There are five types of HVAC filters which are efficient in removing dust particles, molds, pet danders, etc. Here is a list of best HVAC filters.

1. Filtrete 

It is the most popular HVAC filter used in air conditioners. Filtrete is a brand which is known for its dependable and high-quality HVAC filters. Filtrete is considered the best when it comes to disposable HVAC filters. Filtrete is efficient in reducing allergens and has an MPR rating of 1100. The filters are not washable and they last up to 90 days. However, if you live in a region where there is more smog in the air, the filters last upto 60 days. 

  1. Nordic Pure

Nordic Pure offers pleated filters which are made of polyester fabrics. These filters are best for filtering pet danders and dust mites. Nordic Pure has a MERC rating of 12. This implies all the allergens including pet danders, molds, mildew spores, etc will be captured easily from the air. If you are looking for a budget HVAC filter, Nordic Pure has got you covered. 

  1. FilterBuy

FilterBuy HVAC filter has a MERV rating of 8 which is pretty good for customers who have less issue of smoke or smog. This is a disposable filter. FilterBuy filters are designed in a way that they are most compatible with central and split AC systems as well as furnaces.These filters are designed to be used with central and split AC systems as well as furnaces. However, these are not suited for homes where there are high pollen counts, or require filtration of cigarette smoke.

  1. AIRx Allergy

AIRx Allergy HVAC filters are the pleated HVAC filters and considered the best in capturing smoke, smog, pollens, pet danders. They filter the air effectively and help get rid of pollutants from the air. If there is anyone in your home suffering from allergies or some breathing problem, AIRx Allergy HVAC filter is the best choice. The MPR rating is at 1200 which is the same as Filtrete’s.

  1. Trophy Air Electrostatic

It is an electrostatic HVAC filter which is washable and dries super fast. The filter comes with  a lot of useful features. There is no need to worry about airflow direction as the filter is bi-directional. Trophy Air Electrostatic filter is 100% porous and doesn’t block airflow. Moreover, these HVAC Parts are easy to maintain.