Alternative kitchen Worktop Choices

Which material should I use for my kitchen worktop?

Worktops are a key company to any kitchen. They are used to tie together the colour palette of the room, that of the walls, cabinets and floors. Adding fancy LED lights, shiny toasters, and elegant fittings will never mask an ugly worktop choice. Opting for the correct choice first time will prevent extra maintenance, costs, or even replacement.

Our guide to the choices of kitchen worktops can help you to avoid these pitfalls and find something that sits great in your kitchen. But not everyone wants boring laminate or granite – we explore quarts, slate, and concrete worktops.

Quartz Worktops

Quartz is a very durable mineral made from silicon and oxygen compounds. It is mixed with a polymer resin to create worktops that are incredibly hard-wearing and resistant to chipping and scratches. They don’t need to be sealed like natural stone, and they will not stain.

A downside to quartz is that they aren’t the best with heat – so no leaving your hot pans on the side. The look of quarts doesn’t quite lend itself to a timeless kitchen design either but will suit a modern kitchen well.

Polished Concrete Worktops

If you want to make a bold statement in your home then you will certainly want to consider polished concrete worktops. This choice will look super luxurious and contemporary, but can also suit a more traditional style home.

Obviously, concrete is an incredibly tough material, and when it is polished, it also has a very scratch-resistant quality too. You can choose to get the worktop sealed too, which makes them extra resistant to water and staining – but this takes away the natural character which is very desirable.

Concrete worktops come in a quite surprisingly wide range of colours due to the addition of pigments. They can be cut to varying thicknesses catering for a sleek or brutalist aesthetic. You can also carry the theme throughout the house into the bathroom or washroom with the addition of concrete sinks.

Slate Worktops

Polished slate worktops are stunning, and look great in an old-fashioned country home as well as they do in a modern city apartment. Hot dishes are no problem for this heat-resistant choice, which can also handle scratches and heavy impact.

However, with slate you will have to keep up a careful maintenance routine. This includes using specialist products and regular sealing. You’ll know when it is time for a re-seal when water spreads across the surface instead of forming small beads.