Air Conditioner Cleaner Properties  

Norca Air conditioner cleaner (ล้าง แอร์ ร์ ก้า, which is the term in Thai), cleaner is a chemical composition used to clean the surfaces. The work of a cleaner is to clean a solid surface just leaves it with the surface with few water droplets and let the cleaner do its job. In an air conditioner cleansing, has a tremendous use it not just clean the exterior but helps in cleaning panels too. It is easy to use when topsoil gets off it will pass out through the pipe with the aides of water, in the terminal, it gives you outside and indoor sanitation. It is a great alternative to clean the air conditioner of your house and even the car air conditioner. It also removes the foul smell from the cooling panel and leaves the air conditioner panel with a fresh scent. It eliminates blockages and smells caused by oil spots, smoking stains, and grime, etc.

Product Characteristics

Norca Air conditioner cleaner simple to apply and convenient, it does not harm the air conditioner parts does not oxidize the material and decay. Saves time and pocket friendly not acidic in character so one air conditioner is maintained. After washing cooling is increased because cooling is distributed evenly. Assists in improving the life extent of air conditioner thus also help in saving bucks.

Its other highlights include that it gives one car or room air conditioner a refreshing fragrance and removes the foul smell. Also washes pathogens, bacteria, grime, smudges, and mildew, etc. from the inside and outside panel. It cleans the inside of the panel so efficiently that it prolongs the life span of the air conditioner. Overcome the accumulation of oil, grime, and ooze. After washing boosts the potency so saves energy. 

It does not alter the environment so it is eco-friendly, does not destroy the microorganisms in the practice millpond. Elements do not affect the soap’s hand or any part which is in the contact.

How To Store 

Norca Air conditioner cleaner reserves it in a fresh and dry place well-closed, away from children, keep away from direct daylight, and flame. Store it at room warmth and keep it away from pets. Utilizing this cleaner is strictly forbidden, be careful while using do a skin patch test and do not let it get into your eyes and to any wound. Do not apply it to clothes and do not use it as a body cleanser.