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9 Tips and Tricks for Saving Time on Backyard Chores

When using our tips and tricks, we will save you time and energy so you can spend precious time with your family on the weekends.

Your outdoor space needs to be practical yet look fantastic, so you want to spend time there. Which is why we recommend using durable surfaces that will last for a long time and plants that are hardy and waterwise. You can also inject some personality into your space with furniture, but it must wear well in the weather. Metal, timber, woven synthetics and plastic are all sturdy and contemporary choices that can elevate the look of your yard.

Come with us while we explore how we can save you extra work in your yard long-term so you can enjoy the benefit all year-round.

  1. Pavers

Pavers are not only an elegant choice that adds texture to your outdoor space, but they are also super easy to keep clean and are long-lasting because of their durability. For added protection from stains and foot traffic, we recommend using a clear sealant as a top layer.

To keep your pavers looking fresh and new, life can be made a whole lot easier by investing in a pressure cleaner, which is better for the environment than a garden hose because they use far less water.

  1. Mulch your garden

Weeds are time-consuming, and there is absolutely no satisfaction seeing weeds pop up again and again. You want to enjoy watching your plants thrive and enjoy looking at their beauty. Once you have planted, if you add a bark-based mulch to the top will help prevent weeds. It is also kind to the soil because it helps it not dry out, which is again great for the environment because you don’t need to water as often up to around 50% less. Keep your weekends free by reapplying mulch at least once a year to refresh it, to top it up a little, as well as helping improve the soil.

  1. Keep your timber well maintained

Timber is generally a low maintenance material as long as it’s cleaned at least twice a year. Use a stiff brush, water, some dishwashing liquid and the smallest drop of bleach on any timber furniture when giving it a thorough clean.

Over time, timber will weather naturally, adding a grey hue. If you prefer the rich tones of wood, you can achieve this by applying a natural finish that is water repellent. Regular maintenance also means avoiding splinters.

  1. Try synthetic grass – the only choice

Some of you may remember fake grass in the 60’s, it never looked great, but it has come a long way and now is the only choice for simplicity. Artificial lawn is now a highly popular choice for yards and looks fantastic – realistic and a long term cost-effective option. The best bit of all is that your weekends will be free of mowing, weeding, watering and fertilising and can be spent enjoying the space.

  1. Simplicity of succulents

Plants can be a chore, it takes time to nurture them to keep them alive. However, for something a little easier try succulents. A succulent on its own looks beautiful, but a cluster of them are just divine. The great thing is they require minimal watering, like dry and warm conditions, and don’t require mulching. All succulents needs are some pebbles or stones to keep them healthy.

  1. Try outdoor heating

Dining outdoors is excellent, soaking up the fresh air and dining al fresco. Heating can make your space much more usable at different times of the year. The right heating is dependent on a few factors, including the size of your outdoor space, budget, style and the impact it may have on the environment. There is a romantic feel to a wood fire pit, but it’s not the best choice for the environment. We recommend using a clean-burning liquid fuel that is made from agricultural by-products. The best thing about this is you don’t need to find room for storage of wood and no cleaning up.

  1. Watering system

One of the easiest ways to easily maintain your garden is to install a self-watering system. This means virtually no additional hosing is required, even during the hottest months. While irrigation is ideally set up during the construction of your garden, it can be achieved at any time. Whenever it gets done, it will definitely make life easier, especially if it comes with a timer. Watch your plants get healthier than they’ve ever been with little involvement on your part.

  1. Discover pebbles and pots

Pebbles and plant pots are fuss-free and require very little ongoing work. Using pebbles means you won’t have to water and weeds are unlikely to peek through. Vessels with potting mix look great in the yard and require little ongoing assistance to keep them growing.

  1. Weather-resistant cushions

Adding a burst of colour to your yard using removable items means you can switch and change them as you wish. Many cushions and ottomans are available for outdoor use to use on your desk and outdoor furniture. Be sure to check the items before buying that they have been tested to handle UV rays.

Cleaning these cushions is still necessary and is the simple step of turning the cushion cover inside out, close the zipper and wash by hand. They can be put on a delicate cycle in the washer if you are pressed for time.