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7 Essential Items You Shouldn’t Keep In The Bathroom

Multiple scenarios occurred first before the 21st century to achieve a private bathroom installed in each household. People do not even know what hygiene was back in the days. 

Back in the 3000 B.C. (Before Christ), public bathrooms were invented because of a religious belief that water is a purifying compound for both body and soul. A long time ago, people must wash first before they enter a holy place. Because of this credence, there is always a built public bath in each town in earlier times. It was recorded that these bathrooms are considered to be part of each village throughout this period.

These bathrooms are called communal baths. However, these shared bathhouses are constructed in a separate area from the villagers’ living quarters. They believed that by doing such, they are preventing evil spirits from entering the domestic quarters.

So how did the people attain a private room where all essential things are already in one bathroom?

In the 19th century, houses became organized and were distinguished to have rooms that should be useful. These were also the days where epidemic threats such as smallpox, typhus, and yellow fever are prominent. For this reason, people in this era are building houses with different rooms that are open for utilization: Such as private rooms for each family member, a kitchen where the household’s chef can cook a meal for the whole family, and a bathroom where all hygienic activities can be done.

This age is where bathrooms are already built for the cleanliness of the body, considering people are afraid of germs and bacteria at this time. They are frightened of being one of those people who will be infected by the known viruses lingering outside. 

Now, private bathrooms are more utilized than ever: Seeing that, it already consists of bath fitters, a showerhead or a bathtub or both, a toilet, and a bathroom sink. This room is where other individuals wear clothes because of the cabinets that are installed within the area. Some essential products are even being placed in the lavatory to make it less of a hassle for a few persons– especially those busy people.

However, studies have shown that other necessities shouldn’t be kept within the lavatory. See the infographic brought to you by Dura Care Baths, the most recognized company to do a shower remodel Santa Ana and remodeling a bathtub to showers Santa Ana, with all the 7 essential products that you should remove from the bathroom:

7 Essential Items You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Bathroom Duracarebaths