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5 Tips for Efficient Unpacking

Unpacking after a move has a few difficulties. It can seem as though everything is scattered out, and a person can be unsure where to start. By following the below five tips, the unpacking will be both quick and efficient.

Most Difficult Rooms First

Movers most often consider the kitchen to be the most difficult room to both pack and unpack. The many kitchen items are time-consuming to unpack and put away. In addition, small objects like seasoning and food items have to be organized in multiple cabinets which can create the most cumbersome part of the up-packing process. By beginning the unpacking process in this room, a sense of accomplishment will be felt and the remainder will feel easy.

Split it Up

Many people get very stressed out with the unpacking process because they feel it needs to be completed all in one day. Unfortunately, this feeling of urgency often leads to burnout and stress very quickly. A more efficient option is to unpack the necessary items the first day, for example, kitchen and bathroom items. After that, determine to unpack one room a day in ten or fifteen-minute increments until it is complete. This will allow time to decompress and allows for more thorough and complete unpacking.

Throw Out Packing Supplies as Empties

There is nothing worse while unpacking than empty boxes and other used packing material stacked up and in the way. Once a box is empty, break it down and dispose of it; the same with packing materials such as peanuts and other protective materials. If laundry baskets, suitcases, or any other household items have been used as a packing container, empty them immediately and put them away. This frees up space and allows for less clean-up time.

Make a Deadline

People can be easily trapped in procrastination while unpacking, and soon days turn into weeks, and the project is still not complete. It is ok not to complete it in one day, but there needs to be an established deadline for completion. Discussed above was a tip stating to complete a room a day, so an achievable goal would be to have all contents unpacked and put away in one week. This deadline will give the owners a reasonable goal to work towards.


Trying to cook in a kitchen that is not fully functional can be a nightmare. Planning for family meals that take place while unpacking is vital. Easy meals such as frozen pizzas or outside grilling would be a quick and easy way to feed the family while also keeping the area clean and organized. Fast food is also a viable option. It may not be the most healthy choice, but after a long and hard day of unpacking, it will be the easiest and less stressful option.

There are few things in life more exciting than moving into a new home. Along with that excitement is the hard part of actually performing the packing and unpacking of an entire family’s life. If the abovementioned steps are followed, the unpacking process can be efficient and effective.