5 simple roof maintenance tips to ensure a healthy roof

Roofs are sturdy, however, with time, they lose much of their strength and become weak. This could lead to safety risks and health hazards. To avoid these, it becomes imperative that we maintain our roofs regularly to keep it in good health, and to keep us safe. Also, good maintenance helps your roof last longer, thereby saving you some extra cash on roof replacement.

Below are 5 maintenance tips to help your roof last longer.

  1. Remove debris and leaves

Debris and dried leaves could cause your impervious roof to rot or make your roof into a futile ground for weed to grow and flourish. Rot could severely damage the health of your roof shingles, causing it to peel or crack. If not checked, it could lead to major health and security issues for the residents. To avoid those, you should always use a roof broom to promote piles from the roof, especially after a windy week.

  1. Remove nearby branches

Trees provide us with necessary oxygen and make our homes more attractive, however, that doesn’t mean we should allow tree branches to rest on our roofs. An overhanging tree branch on your roof causes more piles on your roof, which leads to rot and weed growth. Also, if breaks and falls with force, it could damage your roof badly or beyond repair. To avoid those, cut these branches immediately they begin to overgrow. It won’t cost nearly as much as replacing the entire roof.

  1. Clean your gutters

A crammed gutter is the worst thing for the health of your roof as it could induce rot, while water from the gutter could damage the structure of your roof. Cleaning your gutter regularly is one of the best ways to help your roof last longer

  1. Check the roof shingles

Periodically check your roof shingles for anomalies. A cracked, missing, or curling shingle could cause a lot of damage to your roof. Always pay attention to the slightest change in your roof shingles as this could make a huge difference in the health of your roof. A periodic check is one of the ways to help your roof last longer. 

  1. Roof Inspection

You can check your roof every day by yourself but still miss certain crucial indicators of a fragile or damaged roof. Hence, the need to have a professional roofer occasionally come check your roof for anything you may have overlooked. Be sure to find a roofer who is reputable and has experience in inspecting and repairing damaged roofs. 

These are the best ways to help your roof last longer.