5 reasons for water damage in your house

Water damage restoration can lead to major expenses for your household. Water can take a toll on almost everything inside your home, and in many situations, it can pose a safety risk for your family. So, it is always best to prevent water damage. And to do that, our experts shared their insights on the primary reasons for water damage in your house. In this way, you’ll be ready to spot early on water damage signs and take steps accordingly.

Plumbing problems

You might experience water damage in your home because of plumbing problems. And before you dismiss this, you should know the following. If you’re not performing frequent plumbing maintenance, you risk overlooking cracks. This can lead to unusually high water bills since water will continuously drip inside your walls. Experts say that if you leave this issue unattended, you risk facing a water pipe bursting problem. As such, you’ll need water damage restoration to avoid further damage to your home.

Washing machine problems

Your home’s appliances can contribute to water damage. For example, your washing machine might leak water, and it can lead to disastrous outcomes. Only a malfunctioning supply hose can release more than 600 gallons of water in your home and damage it significantly. If you aim to prevent water damage, it is highly recommended to check your appliances frequently. Fix everything that leaks or has trouble functioning.

Bursting pipes

As mentioned above, plumbing leaks can make your pipes burst. But did you know that pipes that run along the exterior wall can cause water damage, too? Well, if you have a swimming pool or a mere water sprinkler, you should know you’re facing a higher risk of water damage. An excellent approach to this is including insulation on your exterior walls. In this way, you’ll prevent the pipes from freezing and decrease a pipe bursting chances.

Old water heater

Every water heater comes with a specific lifespan. And when that time has passed, you should replace the device immediately. Old water heaters represent one of the leading reasons for water damage in residential properties. So, make sure you perform frequent maintenance check-ups and replace your water heater when it starts malfunctioning.

Extreme weather

We always recommend to homeowners to take a house’s insulation seriously. If your area is predisposed to bad snowstorms and heavy rains, you should prepare your home for such situations. Our experts recommend cleaning and maintaining rain gutters and downspouts frequently. These might lead to water damage if left unattended. Also, windows and doors maintenance can save you a lot of trouble. 


Our experts say there are numerous other reasons for water damage. Still, they believe that every homeowner’s major issue is that no one thinks about preventive measures. From our experience, we can say it is less expensive to prevent water damage than performing water damage restoration. But if this happens to you, we encourage you to allow a professional water damage expert to deal with it.