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10 Girly Tips For Decorating Your Bedroom

10 Girly Tips For Decorating Your Bedroom

In autumn and winter, a very common desire is to give your bedroom a cocooning atmosphere. With the arrival of these seasons, when the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, what could be more normal than to design an ultra cozy bedroom where it will be great to laze in the evening.

If you want to create a little haven of peace in your bedroom, keep in mind that the atmosphere of your room is directly impacted by its colors. Certain shades are conducive to relaxation, such as beige, cream, sand or iced brown. They will envelop your room in softness. Elegant in both summer and winter, this cozy look will give you a soothing atmosphere.

Here are 10 tips for decorating your bedroom.

  1. Add a touch of color

Add a touch of color

One of the first decorative touches to take into account is the color. Choose a color that calms you (pink, purple, midnight blue)! Be careful, however, to use this element sparingly: use it on various accessories such as paintings or candle holders. It can also highlight a rug, a chair, or cushion covers on your bed.

In general, it is interesting to play with the gradients in order to obtain a harmonious look. The chosen color can also be applied to a section of wall with paint or wallpaper, but, in this case, it is important to choose pastel so as not to break the rhythm of the room.

  1. Choose delicate and silky materials

Opt for delicate and silky fabrics such as velvet, silk or lace, which will bring a sensual note. Say yes to embroidery on the bed and in the windows!

  1. Give a role to your perfume bottles

As for accessories, it is useful to use perfume bottles. Indeed, the fragrances highlight your femininity and make these small objects quality decorative partners to enhance your bedroom. To display them in style, have fun hijacking your multi-tiered cupcake stand.

  1. Create a den

The dressing table is the furniture par excellence of the bedroom boudoir. Choose it with fairly fine lines and pretty curves. The furniture must be practical and embody femininity. If you are on a budget, decorate your dressing area with a pretty console or a dresser with drawers, revamped by placing a mirror above. Get some ideas at Bedroomeo.com.

  1. Display your jewelry

In order to bring the feminine spirit to its peak, it is important to put your jewelry in the spotlight. To do this, nothing could be simpler: display them in transparent candy boxes that will act as showcases or hang your necklaces on small porcelain hooks on the wall.

  1. Go for a headboard

To improve your bed, bet everything on the headboard. With its voluptuous shapes and its ultra cocooning look, it will make your bed the star of your bedroom!

  1. Install a pendant lighting on the ceiling

Install a pendant lighting on the ceiling

This is the lighting that will highlight all the combinations of materials you have chosen. Indeed, it will illuminate the shapes of your headboard, the lines of your furniture and will make the features of your perfume bottles shine. In short, it is the lighting that will magnify the play.

  1. Get a comfortable armchair

Without this element, your bedroom will be incomplete. Find it with a cozy shape (for example: chaise longue, toad chair) and it will bring a comfortable and prosperous sanctuary feeling.

  1. Paintings

They evoke sensuality and eroticism. It is up to each couple to choose what, for them, best embodies love, desire and pleasure, in terms of shapes, materials, colors and symbols. This should be done without trying to convince your partner of the merits of your own choices, or accept his own only to please him.

  1. Don’t forget the flowers!

After the glamour and sensuality, the last thing that remains is to blow a romantic breeze in your bedroom. To achieve this, you just have to bring in the queen of romanticism: the flowers. Beautifully arranged in a vase, they can also be used as patterns on a cushion, a blind or even a duvet cover.

Now it’s your turn! Use these simple but effective tips to decorate your bedroom.